French Diplomas explained



Certificat d’aptitude professionnelle – certificate of vocational aptitude after completing 2 years of study. Pupils acquire vocational skills and knowledge. Over 200 specialised subjects are available


Brevet Professionnel :

diploma in vocational education taken after 2 years of apprenticeship only. Pupils can go on to specialise in a field after this first vocational diploma


Baccalauréat professionnel :

a 3-year vocational course after collège, 55 vocational fields are available



Brevet de Technicien supérieur – higher technician diploma taken after 2 years of study, applicants are selected for admission after the baccalauréat. 88 specialised fields, direct gateway to the working world



Diploma Universitaire Technologique – university technology diploma on completing 2 years of studies, applicants selected for admission after the baccalauréat. 24 specialised fields for a direct gateway to the working world or to continue studying


Licence Professionnelle :  

vocational bachelor’s degree obtained after 3 years of higher education. More than 1,620 specialised fields for professional integration in a wide range of sectors


Master :

professional-oriented master’s degree in a specialised field. Admission is based on the student’s record and an interview within the limit of the number of places available.


Doctorat : PhD


The lycées des métiers (Trade Schools)


The “lycée des métiers”  label is awarded to schools that offer training and diplomas built around a coherent group of trades (for example, a school for automobile trades).


Hence, the lycées des métiers allow improved visibility of courses and support further study. They constitute a path of excellence which can lead to a vocational bachelors degree and favour bridges between different courses and between lycées professionnels  (vocational upper secondarys), apprenticeships and continuous training.


The lycées des métiers develop close relationships with the world of work, local government and higher education.